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Gaming/Jet Moto related

Twisted Metal Alliance - We are not affilated but Twisted Metal is Jet Moto's sister game and they are a historic Twisted Metal community that in some ways was an inspiration for me to begin Jet Moto Central.
GameFAQs - Legendary gaming website and was my personal stomping grounds back in the day. Still hanging on. We are planning to update the JM pages there with fresh reviews and FAQs.
Jet Moto Wiki - A Jet Moto Wiki with lots of detailed info about the games.
WipEoutZone - Wipeout fansite. Another inspiration.
My Abandonware - Download Old Abandoned Videogames like the Jet Moto games.
The Cutting Room Floor - A site dedicated to unearthing and researching unused and cut content from video games. They have pages for Jet Moto.
Playstation Museum - The PlayStation Museum collects, studies, and interprets the hardware, video games, design, and all related materials regarding the history of the original Sony PlayStation game console. Beyond collecting and preserving such materials, the PSM is a highly interactive, media-based educational web resource devoted to Sony PlayStation history. PSM unearthed the Jet Moto: SOLAR prototype and has several articles on Jet Moto!
Internet Archive - Digital Library containing tons of preserved online materials. Some abandoned copies of the Jet Moto games are also preserved there. Also the original web pages of Jet Moto 1, 2, and 3 are archived. Below here are the pages. Not all the graphics on the sites are restored and I will update when I find a better archive.
- Jet Moto 1
- Jet Moto 2


Resnauv - Good friend of the admin. He is a VR musical improv entertainer, and a raccoon.
Lissa Explains it All - When I was like 12 or so I learned some basic HTML through this website. It was a fantastic resource for kids to learn web stuff. I don't know how much of it is very relevant to today's day but maybe it can be helpful for someone.