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News & Updates
5/2/2024: Page on JMPC JMC Mod!
4/10/2024: Added fan games page and did minor improvements.
3/26/2024: Added guides page and Rexcor's Jet Moto 2 In-Depth Guide.
2/20/2024: Jet Moto 2 released on Playstation Plus. SOURCE

Welcome to Jet Moto Central! We are a fan community of Jet Moto, a series of science fiction motocross games. The website is still a work in progress but you can read some of the game pages and check out the links page for cool other places to visit! Meanwhile please visit our forum and Discord!

A Brief History

Jet Moto (Jet Rider in Europe) is a racing game series developed initally by Singletrac for the Sony Playstation. Started with Jet Moto in 1996 and then Jet Moto 2 in 1997. After Singletrac parted away with Sony Jet Moto 3 was developed by Pacific Coast Power & Light under the Sony division of 989 Studios. At the same time a 4th Jet Moto title was being developed called Jet Moto 2124 by an in-house 989 Studios developer but was canceled after the release of Jet Moto 3. Jet Moto: SOLAR was another canceled title for PS2 developed by RedZone Interactive.
A PC port of Jet Moto was released in 1997. Also when Jet Moto 2 was set to be re-released under the Greatest Hits collection, an altered version of Jet Moto 2 was released instead known as Jet Moto 2: Championship Edition.
On November 20th 2023 a new port of Jet Moto 1 was released for the PS4/PS5 on the Playstation Store. Later a port for Jet Moto 2 was also released on February 20th 2024. These two ports were converted for PS4/PS5 and provide new features like enhanced rendering, quick saves, rewind, and custom video filters. They also came with trophy achievements.

Who We Are

Jet Moto Central is a fansite founded by Osky in 2010. Originally started as only a free ProBoards forum, JMC has expanded to a Discord server and is now in the development of a full fansite.
I founded this website simply because there was no online fan presence for Jet Moto aside from random posts in gaming forums and other media. I felt I wanted Jet Moto to have a voice like it's sister game Twisted Metal had with TMA. I started by randomly messaging YouTube channels that had posted Jet Moto videos. Some of those people are still with us today. Today we've achieved amazing things like uncovering the 2124 beta, design documents for SOLAR, and we've communicated with a handful of former JM devs. One of our newest biggest joys is that thanks to some of our members we were able to mod the Jet Moto PC port. It now has working multiplayer and a balance patch that fixes a lot of the "jankiness" the port had.

How To Play

Some of the ways to play any Jet Moto games today is on the Playstation 1, PS3, PS4/5 or on PC (via the PC port or emulation). Look at online marketplaces like eBay for used copies of the games or local retro game stores. Websites like My Abandonware and The Internet Archive may have copies of some versions of the games. On the Playstation Network store recently Jet Moto 1 was released with trophies.
Thanks to our community efforts Jet Moto PC is easily playable even through multiplayer. A copy is available on My Abandonware and that copy can be modified with a patch that will be available here soon (or on our Discord).