All-Terrain Racing

Today's Top Racers
With commentary from Me, Keri of the Mountain Dew team!
Get to know the most talented Jet Moto Racers.

The Bikes
With commentary from Argus of the K2 team!
Jet Moto Bikes and how to ride them.

The Races and Tracks
Hosted by Tetsu of the AXIOM team!
There's more to it than meets the eye... If you play your cards right (win that is) then you can earn the right to race on a total of 10 tracks with the JetMoto Veterans.

Strategies and Hotdogging
Professional tips from Dayna of the Butterfinger team!
Get on the bike and learn how to finesse your way to victory. I mean "Finesse" in the most obnoxious sense of the word...

Origins of the Sport
Game and Game Developer Information
Learn more about the game, its features, and it's cutting edge development.

Jet Moto Nationals are brought to you by TruePhysics™ Design.
True Physics™ Design allows anything that works in real life to work in Jet Moto.
The surfaces are all a little different. In general, the harder surfaces (like concrete)
are faster and the softer surfaces (like water) are slower. The Jet Moto bike's
suspension fields react differently to each surface, influencing both traction and grip.
Experienced racers soon learn that the fastest route is not always the shortest one.

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