Jet Moto PC: JMC Edition Mod

This is the official Jet Moto Central fan mod created by Azazel.

The ultimate way to play Jet Moto PC!

Jet Moto PC has been played by us for a long time, but it was always a flawed port. Now, we're pleased to bring you a revamped release with features such as:

  • New balance overhaul to push the competitive nature of the game to the level it deserves.
  • Accurate bike stats on the select screen. No more false information.
  • Multiple bug fixes. Geometry bobbing, the "wood", and other annoying things.
  • Music is re-enabled and has 2 tracks switched to fit Jet Moto a bit more. They can be replaced with custom music as well!
  • Endings. Instead of a still of your character with "Congratulations!", we created endings to add more life to the characters as well as add some continuity into the sequel.
  • Online Multiplayer! Using Hamachi and Direct IP, you can play with up to 14 racers online!
  • Includes the original PC release's gameplay for the truly insane
  • And more...

This package is mostly functional out of the box. Simply start SP or MP exe's in the Jet Moto folder to play online.

NOTE! Integrated graphics may have issues running the game. Try changing the renderer options in ddraw.ini to opengl or gdi.

"Thanks to Jet Moto Central and all the cool dudes there for supporting me while I fumbled this mod."
"Also want to thank Adonael for helping me get this off the ground and reinvigorating my love for Jet Moto." - Azazel

Link to mod download (via MediaFire)


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