Jet Moto 3 (1999)

Jet Moto was the third and final game of the series released in North America for the Sony Playstation on August 31, 1999 . It was not released for any other regions.

Title: Jet Moto 3
Initial Release Date: August 31, 1999 (NA)
Platform: Sony Playstation
Pacific Coast Power & Light
Publisher: 989 Studios


Now under a new studio. Jet Moto 3 took a dramatic shift in gameplay. Favoring far more open and fast paced racing experience. At higher levels of gameplay the game gets much harder and really challenges the player.
The game offers several game modes including Single Race, Custom Circuit, Full Season, and Practice. Playing Full Season allows the player to unlock the tracks in the game on the highest difficult available to you. After the professional season a bonus season is available with a few previous tracks reversed and a alien planet track called Planet X. A new stunt Mode can also be unlocked after collecting coins during the full season which allows players to play in a timed sandbox stunt mode where players have to do stunts for points in a limited time.
Because of the change in developer the team had to build from scratch and so the game feels much different. A new hop mechanic was introduced and stunts can be performed for turbo at any time. Bikes are floaty and go extremely fast. The speed was meant to be slower but a producer at the last minute opted to increase the bike speeds making the bikes feel faster then the tracks intended. This led to a mixed reaction by JM fans much in the same way Twisted Metal 3 was received. However appreciation has grown for JM3 in the fandom for its take on the Jet Moto experience.
The tracks follow the trend of JM2 with more themed and varied locations. The levels are much more open. They range from volcano islands, ancient ruins, cities, and forests. The game eventually takes players to a space based track and later to alien world.



Riders & Teams

The Max (Mountain Dew)
Raven (Freestyle)
Bomber (Doritos)
Convict (Slim Jim)
Angel (989 Studios)
Technician (Kawasaki)
Spirit (Pacific Coast Power and Light)
Wild Ride (Body Glove)
Tetsujin (VSI)
Vampeera (Dragon)
Granny (unlockable)
Captain Ballard (unlockable)


Default Tracks

Devil's Canyon
Khumbu Ice Falls
Volcano Island
Lost City
Urban Subway
Shipwreck Cove
Sequoia Forest
Machu Picchu
Sky Park

Bonus Tracks

Tsol Ytic
Uhccam Uhccip
Yks Krap
Planet X

Stunt Mode Tracks

Olympic Park
Circus Park
Ramp Park
Coin Park
Grapple Park