Jet Moto 2(1996)

Jet Moto 2 was the second game of the series released in North America for the Sony Playstation on October 31, 1997. . It was later released in Europe as Jet Rider II in April 1998, then in Japan as Jet Moto'98 on August 6, 1998. There was no PC port.

Jet Moto 2: Championship Edition

In 1998 under 989 Studios Jet Moto 2 was re-released under the Greatest Hits branding. The Greatest Hits edition of Jet Moto 2 was later released however a mishap occurred where the wrong version of the game was released under GH. A tuned up version of the game that was never meant for public release called Jet Moto 2: Championship Edition was released instead. This version boosted the framerate, cut the number of riders in a race to 10, and some obstacles on specific locations were removed for easier navigation under the new physics. Also all the tracks were unlocked from the start.

(The box art on the left was unused. From Brian Wiklem's personal site.)

Title: Jet Moto 2
Initial Release Date: October 31, 1997 (NA)
Platform: Sony Playstation
SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies, Inc.
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment America


Under new producer of Jet Moto Brian J. Wiklem he sought to make what he saw as corrections to the game to expand it to a broader market. Cutting the racers down to 10 in a race, much more outrageous race tracks, and much more managable physics. Brian's vision was to focus more on the game as a "racing-platform" game.
The game offers several game modes including Single Race, Custom Circuit, Full Season, and Practice. Playing Full Season allows the player to unlock the tracks in the game on the highest difficult available to you. Stunt Mode can also be unlocked after completing a Full Season. There are also cheat codes that modify the gameplay including physics, some of these modifications also can be unlocked during a race in Stunt Mode. The game also offers splitscreen multiplayer.
In this edition of Jet Moto the tracks were a lot more imaginative and varied. Slot canyons, volcano islands, national parks, apocalyptic vision of LA post earth-quake, and even a journey from heaven to hell in a experience worthy of the Divine Comedy.



Riders & Teams

Lil' Dave - Atlantic
Wild Ride - Kawasaki Jet Ski
Blade - Atlantic
Technician - Axiom
The Max - Mountain Dew
Vampeera - Dragon Alliance
Gadget - Axiom
Steele - Kawasaki Jet Ski
The Hun - Dragon Alliance
Bomber - Mountain Dew
Enigma (unlockable) - Singletrac


Default Jet Moto 2 tracks

Slickrock Gorge
Arctic Blast
Hot Shot
The Shaft
Mach Schnell

Unlockable Jet Moto 1 tracks

Blackwater Falls
Suicide Swamp
Ice Crusher
Cliff Diver
Cypress Run
Snow Blind